Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wordpress or Blogger?

With Blogger sometimes mysteriously losing posts then sensationally making them reappear like 'Harry Potter on a combination of mushrooms and acid' or "being down" for 'essential work'? to be carried out, I decided to have a look around at other free blogs and decided to try this one with wordpress aswell.
You never know when essential work might need to be carried out!

England 1 - 0 Ecuador

With England stumbling their way through the World Cup a 1-0 win was nothing more than most of us expected against one of the weaker teams to qualify from the Group Stages.
At last David Beckham has scored from a free-kick again, since his big move to Real Madrid he must have thought Roberto Carlos' scoring from a free-kick hoodoo was beginning to rub off on him.
Nothing really to say about another boring get the job done result. Hopefully this will carry on, because to me I don't care how bad it looks if they can win the World Cup. For the past few years watching England has been bad enough for us to watch so now we want to share it with the rest of the world.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rock Ness - Fat Boy Slim & Friends

The photo above was taken whilst the audio bullys were on stage at Dores, Inverness. I chose to put this one on for the view behind the stage and by the time Fat Boy Slim came on the batteries had gone and the pictures I did get at night look a bit too dark. Although there's one decent photo at night where you can see Fat Boy Slim dj-ing suspended in the air above the stage. I'll put the best few up onto the photo's section on the site as soon as I can.
The day started out with shambolic organisation for everyone travelling from Inverness Bus Station, with a line of people 4 or 5 wide from 1 side of the station to the other, when a bus did pull in it became a free for all surge to board it. With this mind everyone new what the score was going to be like leaving and we were not disappointed.
The event itself was ok for someone like me thats not a big dance music fan with a good friendly atmosphere all round. I would imagine that this will now become a yearly event with rumours abound that it will take place over two days with more acts.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

England 2 - 2 Sweden

With a draw enough to win the Group and face Ecuador rather than Germany in the Knockout Stages again England stumbled over the line.
Why does Owen Hargreaves play for England?
Decent 1st half performence marred by the injury picked by Michael Owen in the 3rd minute.
This brought about the usual bizarre substitution selections.

1.) Peter Crouch for Michael Owen, a striker for a striker.
But wait, this is a striker being rested for the next round and carrying a yellow card. With Theo Walcott having not yet played this would have been the ideal game to play him.

2.) Sol Campbell for Rio Ferdinand, a central defender for a central defender.
With 4 defensive players already on the pitch (Terry, Cole.A, Carragher and Hargreaves) why not bring on a more creative or more attack minded player.

3.) Steve Gerrard for Wayne Rooney, a midfielder for a striker.
Another player being rested and in danger of missing the next round game because he's carrying a yellow card.

Why does Owen Hargreaves play for England?
If England were to win the World Cup would Sven Goran-Eriksson's eccentric management decisions be hailed as genius masterstrokes?
I doubt it...
In 1 way the end of the World Cup cannot come too soon to see the end of the highly paid piss artist of a manager Sven Goran-Eriksson.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

New Script Trial on

Inbetween the World Cup matches I've tried to keep doing a little bit more work on the design and general look of the website reverberation.
At the moment on the photos page, I've got a new mouseover script displaying the artist and live venue the photos were taken at. If you go to two of the pages Ian McCulloch and Rick Witter.
I'm trying a little caption on the photos.
Any Feedback on how the scripts etc look would be gratefully recieved.

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England 2 - 0 Trinidad & Tobago

Another lacklustre display from England.
No excuses can be made about the heat.
Although hardly troubled, 2 warnings.
At times now the style we play is starting to resemble the German's.
This might not be a bad thing in a tournament like this as on many occassions it's not the team with the most flair and highest goals scored or even the most entertaining that go on to the latter stages.
When Sven Goran- Eriksson actually changed the system for once to an attacking 3-5-2 style set up, we started to look a bit dangerous with pace on the wings.
Although the result gave us qualification the message is still Must Try Harder.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

England 1 - 0 Paraguay

Nothing exciting, job done.
3 points for a boring win..
That's how other teams have won cups...
Top of the Group....
Carry on.....

Sleepless Fearing Cattle

After formatting the new bigger memory card for my digital camera, I thought I'd better test the thing before a few up and coming music events I will be frequenting under the influence of alcohol.

Last summer I decided to dig up a stretch of the garden that was always the main meeting point in the North of Scotland for the annual weeds and dandelion convention and put down some liner and woodland bark. This has saved me hours of endless back pain by eliminating weed growth but yet forming a gathering place for the noisiest shite of bird the starling who for some strange reason has to inform all and sundrie of every movement it makes with the loudest and shittest whistle ever, whilst it goes about rooting through the bark for the constant supply of bugs, which leads me to the photo of the mushroom? or toadstool?. I noticed a few little clumps of them growing but could'nt see why they had sort of gouges in them?
Don't know what they are but I hope they plan to take over the world...
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Friday, June 09, 2006

I've got a Golden Ticket!

With Paul having a rare day off work today due to his un-dying love for all things equine, I was left with no quote of the day until I watched Big Brother tonight when the new contestant was "entered" into the house.
As they had found a Golden Ticket in a Kit Kat bar in the style of Willy Wonka vibe or even (as the winner did spend £4000 on buying their way in) she was given a set of Golden clothes to wear as she was the Golden Housemate.
O.K. So fary so goody...
Then she was called into the diary room and told she would sleep in a seperate Golden Bedroom and sit on a seperate Golden Toilet,(to this she gasped?) and best of all she would get her own seperate Golden Shower!
I don't know wether this could cause a bit of friction with the other asylum inmates as they are all fluent in talking Pish and the Gay Cowboy is longing for some hot summer rain!
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Another couple of days of my life wasted due to interweb activity

After countless hours of messing about with every ftp client known to man tonight just trying to upload more photos and pages etc to The MAIN SITE (New Look) and waiting for this BAG OF SHITE Blogger thing to come back from it's hourly maintenance thing I've decided that websites are Gay.
They can't decide which team they are batting for and therefore don't know which side their bread is buttered. I am half expecting some sort of march to pass by me tomorrow declaring that Blogger and all things that blog and ftp programs are in fact gay and were invented by gay people for gay people somewhere in Wales.
Anyway enuff said... The site is a bit behind (Pardon the pun!) because as you can guess every time I try to upload 1kb of information the dummy is spat.
mmmm... Think I'll have to leave the computer alone for a while as I might break a Metatarsal before the World Cup starts and the Scottish Press would love a story like that to write about as they have no significance whatsover to do with the forthcoming football action involving 32 of the best footballing countries in the world.
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