Wednesday, June 06, 2007

With most of any spare time I'm actually getting to do any work on the computer, I'm trying to concentrate mainly on getting some considerable content (i.e. Live Band and gig photos etc...) on to , my main website.
I am now considering what route to take with the reviews section. When it 1st came to my mind to start this, I had full intent on sectioning this off into a sort of "magazine style" thing with different pieces on live gig reviews, new, old and my classic album releases and generally personal views and feelings on anything musical.
I still want to approach something like this but for now I think this will drop into the background whilst I try to find some sort of new approach to this.
I just feel that I'm still trying to find that missing piece....

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At 7:25 PM , Anonymous Paul said...

Gallery is looking well m8.


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