Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Deaf Valley and the Time Team Formula

For the last week or so i've been in a great amount of discomfort in my left ear due to a build up of wax, making me almost totally deaf. ( I cannot for the life of me work out why the word Great is used when you are in a deal of pain! ).  Anyway, this has been the reason why I've not been keeping up with posting and hopefully when I'm back in the Land of the Hearing on Friday when I'm booked in at the local surgery for the Nurse to syringe the offending ear I will be able to keep up a little more.
    As for some reports that I have read on other blog sites e.g homicidal my ear was to be excavated by Tony Robinson and The Time Team in search of the remains of a small Roman Fort, but due to other commitments I am now allowed contractually to talk about, therefore, hearsay, and other crap bands, I say Ashley, Ashley I say, I sadly had to pull the said ear out of the filming due to numerous complaints from Friends, Romans and Countrymen who wouldn't lend me their ears .  The only part of any of the project allowed to be shown is the formula we agreed on...

Translated means :- Toothache divided by Tony Robinson equals Happy Day's........

Monday, January 23, 2006

Bluejacking, Craze or Devience of the passenger?

I read a great story in The Sun today about someone recieving a video via Bluetooth on their mobile phone. The 21 year old man from Lanarkshire, Scotland was travelling on a busy train when he got a home made Porn movie sent to him. The 'movie' is thought to have been made in the Drumchapel area of Glasgow, Why?... Because it was filmed on a single divan in a bedroom!!! and the woman and the 2 men (1 filming) spoke in broad Glasgow accents. I must applaud the 'Poiret/Morse/FatherDowling/Taggart' style investigating that The Sun undertook on this so called new craze 'bluejacking', but in my own 'Columbo' style "Can I ask a few more questions before you go?"He states he only accepted the bluetooth message because the name "John" was sending it and he thought it was from a friend, so was his friend "John" on the train within the bluetooth range of his 'friends' mobile? and also why in the second paragraph of the story in the newspaper does it state that the message was anonymous?
This story has more holes in it than a packet of polo's.

Friday, January 20, 2006

My Son's Dodgy Playstation 2

My son's had a Playstation 2 console for approximately 3 years and to be honest he's had his moneys worth out of it, but over the last couple of months it's started to be a bit hit and miss on the disc's it will play.
It started off by just sticking on a few games but has now moved onto not even loading most of the games, yet it will play DVD movies ok. On loading up a game everything seems to be running fine then it just sticks and will go no further.
On the games that it's decided it's not going to entertain, it has left it's mark by leaving scuff marks as though the cd might be catching on something?.
With the console being well past the Guarentee expiry, I decided enough was enough and opened it up to give it a good cleansing! as I did this I had a good look around the innards of the beast and had a good poke around trying to find anything that might leave the scuff marks.
Alas, I couldn't find anything and the tempermental bitch continues to ruin my son's enjoyment. If anybody has any suggestions on how to fix these problems please contact me.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hang The DJ's.....They Will RUIN Everything...

Once again the DICK JOCKEY'S at Radio 1 have now found themselves a new up and coming band to totally ruin for the rest of us, arctic monkeys.
  Time and Time again the so called dj's that used to work on Hospital Radio and couldn't get a job compering at Pontins or Butlins or even dj-ing at a smacked up shit clowns wedding have not failed us by Jumping On The Band Wagon.
After the success of the 4 lads from Sheffield, that just want to tell life as it is and put it to music and enjoy anything that goes with it, have been put in the uncomfortable position of deciding on wether to keep the "street cred" up and stay "aloof and in control" or believing what the so called "music press"(Gutter & Scum)latch on to and all want to claim to be the first reporter or first music paper to feature and praise the new darlings of "pop stroke Indie", and I was the man who found them...Please,give us all a break , we're not that gullable...Were You At BIRDWELL CLUB??????"
  All of a sudden the powers that be in the music industry have decided that they have all made the biggest mistake of their lives by not signing this band up to a lucrative contract on both sides and allowing the "GENREAL MUSIC BUYING PUBLIC"TO ACCESS THE FULL CATALOGUE OF SONGS AVAIABLE...."GUD 1 LADS!!!, How To Beat The Music Industry and Come Out On Top, is a book that has yet to be written..One Day..soon...
The DJ's listed below are all to blame for the state of music being aired on National Radio Stations...
Jo Whiley,   Chris Moyles,   Colin and Edith,   Scott Mills,   Zoe Ball,   Sara Cox,   Jeremy Vine,   Simon Mayo,   Gary Davies,   DJ Spoony   Knife and Forky   Anyone connected to Moray Firth.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Build It and They Will Come...

At last it's here, the long awaited blog for reverberation
After months of hardware problems and software errors, (for once non of my own doing) Old Prissy is running like an old battered Cortina once again. The main website has got the basics laid down and all it needs now is some time, effortand most importantly content putting on. So after least 2 hours trying to get some sort of blog up and running, encountering 1 knock back after another with countless names being kicked into touch it looks like this is it.
The whole general idea of my website is musically based, with my own reviews and photos of the gigs I have been to and when I actually get my head into gear again I will also be attempting to give my own views on music in general.
Hopefully I can try and get something on quite regularly as I feel it's something like this that the site has been sorely missing.