Thursday, July 20, 2006

An Old Petition That's Still Running

I've just been reading some old blogs and stumbled accross this little beauty that must be signed by all and sundry again!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

If Only Life At Work Was A Game!

Nothing much going on at the moment worth writing about except that most of time recently has been spent on the x-box playing "Black".I wasn't sure if I was going to take to this game after hearing conflicting reviews about it, but I have to say it's been keeping me entertained and I suppose thats what it's supposed to do. We can find fault with every game we play on every platform but not being one for this type of game usually I think on the whole it's in my Top Ten at the minute, but I do agree with Spoonbender that the only thing thats missing is the ability to jump.

If only this was my real life job!
Think of the fun I could have clearing the out buildings of hostilities!


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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lily Allen

Just listened to the debut album by Lily Allen, I think this is going to be absolutely massive, the daughter of the great comedian Keith Allen also known as Fat Les with Alex James from Blur and artist Damien Hirst released the song Vindaloo as a parody of football chanting, but this is no joke...
Lily Allen has got a great talent for singing and obviously a lot of her fathers musical influences have rubbed off on her over years and you can hear her own teenage girl band's like Bananarama etc mixed in with the day to day life of any girl...
Is it Ska?, Is it Mod?, Is the Female Mike Skinner?...
Who Cares what Pigeon Hole you put it into?
It's good , it's fresh and it's real....
Read her Blog
Take Flight Boss Walk, Jam Nitty Gritty, Your Listening To the Boy from the Big Bad city...
This Is Jam HOT...


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

German Buys My Mate A Beer !!!

Well, I've just sat and endured the 1st Semi-Final of the 2006 World Cup featuring Germany Vs Italy, the commentators kept describing this game as a classic! Were they watching the same game as us?
The Verdict, in my opinion?
Not very entertaining, dull for most parts...
The Germans throughout in my opinion have played in the style I expected England to play and the Italians have played the same way as England by stumbling and never convincing. I expect France to be joining Italy in the final by the end of tomorrow.
My Winners...Italy...
(Hopefully no other player now will have the ordacity to score more goals in the tournament than Germany striker Miroslav Klose, as my usual top scorer side bet at a great price of 20/1 looks to be ready to recoup other bets I've placed throughout the World Cup.)
Message For Phil
Every pint we've bet on a result will now be re-embursed by a German!
Sweet! Losing's not so bad!
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Saturday, July 01, 2006

England 0 - 0 Portugal

The End Result says it all.
Two teams that possess the potential to go all out and attack decide to play a game of cat and mouse defence counter attack.
No bitterness involved.
(No Wonder Cristiano Ronaldo asked for a transfer from Man Utd, knowing that he would come against the fans that pay his over demanding wages...and he turns round and kicks them in the teeth...The best that Ferguson could do on the first day of pre season training is Unleash Rooney, Neville and Ferdinand on the biggest cheat since Maradona, I hope they break that snivelling backstabbing cheats legs. I cannot wait for a 50-50 tackle involving that little prick and a true football player)
When will British teams realise that get to the final stages and be in with a chance of winning trophies,
There are NO PRIZES for HONESTY.
Since Greece won the Euro Championships by boring us all to death with shit football it seems that now the whole point of international football has turned into a pile of crap.
Please lets get some entertainment back into what used to be the beautiful game.
Argentina, England and Brazil all out.....
Makes for the dullest final in history....
World Cup?
My Arse....