Monday, June 18, 2007

Bicentennial Post

After quite a while away form writing any sort of post (it seems to get pushed to the back of a very long queue of things that need to be done...)
either computer wise or just in general.

I'm now happily rolling along with another new Hardware Setup thanks in part to Paul again who just can't resist helping somebody from kicking the absolute f@#k out of a poor defenceless computer AGAIN and AGAIN!!! (that sometimes reminds me of HAL.... (B'Stards that they are)... I wanted to just keep the basic sort of junk on the pc to try and see if any problems would arise and up to now I've only had a couple of shutdowns due to little niggles.

Is this the way forward?

I doubt it, I'm pretty sure that there's many a problem on the horizon!!!

God Bless You Internet, Software, Hardware Issues and all the Driver Errors all over the World.... Let all that sail in thy Blue Screens, Re-Format and work in Peace.

Not much of a post, I know...
but with my luck recently I'm happy to publish it without a complete shutdown and turning into my mate here on the right Andrew Martin and going round calling all the women in my life Little Miss & Old Miss, etc... boring everybody to tears and really wanting to own one of them big magnet crane things that they always seem to have in American junkyards full of old cars and scrap metal.

Anyway that's it for now.

But, just one more thing before you go....

The picture above does seem to resemble somebody I know in a few years time....

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At 11:42 PM , Anonymous Paul said...

Thank you, i think :s

At 11:46 PM , Anonymous Oswaldo said...

What happened to this blogs style sheet, did you pass the design over to an old woman obsessed with cats and has obvious problems with her plumbing? When are you coming to post on a real site ya streak of misery? Should i even bother sending you another invite since since your computers problems all stem from the caps lock being left on.


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