Tuesday, July 04, 2006

German Buys My Mate A Beer !!!

Well, I've just sat and endured the 1st Semi-Final of the 2006 World Cup featuring Germany Vs Italy, the commentators kept describing this game as a classic! Were they watching the same game as us?
The Verdict, in my opinion?
Not very entertaining, dull for most parts...
The Germans throughout in my opinion have played in the style I expected England to play and the Italians have played the same way as England by stumbling and never convincing. I expect France to be joining Italy in the final by the end of tomorrow.
My Winners...Italy...
(Hopefully no other player now will have the ordacity to score more goals in the tournament than Germany striker Miroslav Klose, as my usual top scorer side bet at a great price of 20/1 looks to be ready to recoup other bets I've placed throughout the World Cup.)
Message For Phil
Every pint we've bet on a result will now be re-embursed by a German!
Sweet! Losing's not so bad!
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At 1:44 AM , Blogger Bob Feltcher said...

France will win it.


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