Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rock Ness - Fat Boy Slim & Friends

The photo above was taken whilst the audio bullys were on stage at Dores, Inverness. I chose to put this one on for the view behind the stage and by the time Fat Boy Slim came on the batteries had gone and the pictures I did get at night look a bit too dark. Although there's one decent photo at night where you can see Fat Boy Slim dj-ing suspended in the air above the stage. I'll put the best few up onto the photo's section on the site as soon as I can.
The day started out with shambolic organisation for everyone travelling from Inverness Bus Station, with a line of people 4 or 5 wide from 1 side of the station to the other, when a bus did pull in it became a free for all surge to board it. With this mind everyone new what the score was going to be like leaving and we were not disappointed.
The event itself was ok for someone like me thats not a big dance music fan with a good friendly atmosphere all round. I would imagine that this will now become a yearly event with rumours abound that it will take place over two days with more acts.

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Picture looks good m8.


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