Friday, June 16, 2006

England 2 - 0 Trinidad & Tobago

Another lacklustre display from England.
No excuses can be made about the heat.
Although hardly troubled, 2 warnings.
At times now the style we play is starting to resemble the German's.
This might not be a bad thing in a tournament like this as on many occassions it's not the team with the most flair and highest goals scored or even the most entertaining that go on to the latter stages.
When Sven Goran- Eriksson actually changed the system for once to an attacking 3-5-2 style set up, we started to look a bit dangerous with pace on the wings.
Although the result gave us qualification the message is still Must Try Harder.

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At 9:16 PM , Blogger Bob Feltcher said...

I would like to say that although i don't know anything about football that your optimistic approach to England's current ability's have filled my bloody filled heart with some more blood. They will need to find several gears if they want to get to the semi finals scoobs!

At 10:40 PM , Blogger reverberation said...

A blogger with a beard!


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