Friday, April 28, 2006

Sidebottom Family Crest

As anybody 'normal' does on a Friday night near to midnight when the mind starts to churn out random phrases etc to type into various search engines blah blah blah, I happened to stumble across this page by accident of course, Sidebottom Family Crest (not that anybody searches their own Surname for beneficial bragging rights etc).
I wonder if anybody has walked into a tattoo artist's shop and asked for their 'so-called family crest' as a tattoo and had random military regalia, parts of suits of armour, crests and the odd animals head(sometimes with an implement skewered thru it, like a shovel or a brush,) chucked in for good measure scrawled across their body and then proceeded to present the said doodle at the peak of an arguement when their surname has been brought into question to prove their loyalty to the family name and honour?... Well they have, ..... to discover the lost world and it's inhabitants click on the link in the tags that says tattoo...
Piss taking apart it does state that the family name derives from Lancashire like my dad's family, so maybe the people at house of names aren't just there for the nasty things in life like a blocked drain or a leaking gutter.....
"I were reight baht that saddle tho', be like sittin' on a razor blade..."
Have any other readers ever pondered this sort of thing before, and if not why?
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At 8:49 PM , Anonymous Paul said...

Interesting post m8,

At 1:03 PM , Blogger kats said...

Yes, it is a good Lancashire name, as is mine - have a guess (well, it's my maiden name really).

At 7:01 PM , Blogger TINGLER said...

The clan from who the McCall family decends began among the ancient Dalraidan of the west coast of Scotland. Their name comes from the Gaelic surname of Scottish origin..which means "Son of the Battle Cheif."


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