Thursday, April 06, 2006

Beware of Gypsie's offering to Tarmac your Drive.

I see that the excavation and uber donkey work is still carrying on over the water at Paul's settlement (somewhere up the A9 near Tore).
One of reverberation's intrepid photographer's managed to get a picture of the somewhat devastion being caused by this "Amateur Monty Don" in his efforts to retrieve a penny he dropped sometime last month, whilst in the throws of the ancient Highland Ritual of "Tree Worship". Which according to our sources requires the 'Elder' of the 'Flaming Church of Tree Worship and All Entism' to cavort naked but for a pair of Farm & Domestos Storer's Green Wellies, wielding a Skye Nipper Valve in one hand and a Shredded Wheat biscuit (fashioned into a fairly passable wig) in the other chanting "MINCE, MINCE, MINCE...".

Nearby residents were quoted as saying...

Angus McCoartup: Said "Aye, I wish old Gregg was here, then we could all get back to normal again..."

Scratch MaBawls: Said "Bring back Take the High Road, 'my maw' loved it..."

Plow MaFurrow: Said "A'm just happy tay b able tay speek prowper, d'ya Ken"
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At 10:53 PM , Anonymous Paul said...

I wish old Gregg was here too, it was a said loss to all that knew him.


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