Thursday, March 16, 2006

To some it's a burden... To me it's a Gift...

I'm not one to blow my own kazoo but after a few comments that I've received recently voting me 'Lance Armstrong', "The Yellow Jersey" wearer of the 'Blogging' community, I thought I'd better weigh in with some of my vast and exstensive knowledge on all things in general.
Since my last post I have received countless e-mails stating that I am shortly to become what is known in your world as "The Guru of Blog?" and all shall kneel before me or simply toss Rose petals for me to walk barefoot on around your Blogs and websites whilst I share my messages...
Whilst doing my Thursday night "Free" (Us From The) "Church" work here in the Highland Outback Posting of Culloden surrounded by "savages, freaks, zeros, common idiots, clunts and jelly heads etc", (you name it they are here) I stumbled across this when I was asked by a Hebrew/Gaelic speaking sock puppet from the West Coast about a strange phenomenon that could link Peter , Paul (sorry no Mary) and (The True) St.Jude
I see you all get a mention here... Peter (Fisherman, Lost Cause), Paul (Lost Cause, Impossible Cause, Axe), James The Lesser (Forgotten Cause, Beaten To death With A Club), Simon (Fisherman, Writer of Persian Letters, bearded) ... (Please read the link to (The True) St.Jude)
                              1 - 2 - 3 Your back in the room
I think on reflection Guru is the wrong title to use, ... I think The Special One befits me better...
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At 5:57 PM , Anonymous Harry The Haddock said...

Well, Our Steve, it truly is impressive being related to a gnu. Or have I misunderstood?

At 1:16 AM , Blogger reverberation said...

I don't think there could be any mis-understanding that I am a Great Gnu!
Cheers harry!
CU soon...


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