Friday, March 03, 2006

This is Not the Uber Post your looking for...

Not having had much interesting to post about recently I was hoping for some sort of ├╝ber Durchschnitt post, but I think this ones leading nowhere. Most of the last week I've been playing the old xbox and was hoping for a few hours on it today due to the six or so inches of snow falling overnight. After about 3/4's of an hour waiting for a bus I decide to give it up and go back home. I phoned into work, got a cup of tea, went back to bed and started up the xbox. An hour or so later the work rings me to tell me that a lift will be there in about 15 mins..Day Ruined.., although I must mention I'm off Monday so I am now not hoping for uber amounts of snowfall over the weekend.



At 10:34 PM , Anonymous Paul said...

I hope it snows, i like snow, its uber fantastic.

At 1:26 AM , Blogger reverberation said...

I am doing a snow dance for you right now mate, c'mon the snow!


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