Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pills, Thrills and Toothache....

Nothing much exciting to write home about this week I thought... but, as the work seemed to drag on & on due to more shite yer could swing a stick at arriving due to everyone there ordering stock like F**ckin' Noah on speed stating ("I think we'd better have at least two boxes of everything Mrs.Noah, yer never know when the next showers coming"). The old adage of 'square peg and round hole' springs to mind constantly at work these days and so does 'F**k this for a game of soldiers'.
Anyway there was light at the end of what seemed like a never ending black, black, blacker than midnight working weekly tunnel with Paul emptying his pockets on my workbench to show me his daily diet...At first glance I know what your thinking...

It does look like he's the dealer on his way to a homecoming pool party for Michael Barrymore, but he assures me that the 'Promise' is not On a Promise Cream and only toothpaste, the blue tube of lubricant is simply 'Bonjela' for rubbing on his Gums and not the word I misinterpretated beginning with 'B' and lastly all the pain relieving drugs (enough to get a Battalion High in Fort George) are innocently enough for his constant battle with his teeth.
                  Sorry mate, It had to be done.... C'mon the Rot!!!
          and don't forget yer trunks!!!!


At 12:53 AM , Anonymous Paul said...

lol (Down with the root!)


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