Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Deaf Valley and the Time Team Formula

For the last week or so i've been in a great amount of discomfort in my left ear due to a build up of wax, making me almost totally deaf. ( I cannot for the life of me work out why the word Great is used when you are in a deal of pain! ).  Anyway, this has been the reason why I've not been keeping up with posting and hopefully when I'm back in the Land of the Hearing on Friday when I'm booked in at the local surgery for the Nurse to syringe the offending ear I will be able to keep up a little more.
    As for some reports that I have read on other blog sites e.g homicidal my ear was to be excavated by Tony Robinson and The Time Team in search of the remains of a small Roman Fort, but due to other commitments I am now allowed contractually to talk about, therefore, hearsay, and other crap bands, I say Ashley, Ashley I say, I sadly had to pull the said ear out of the filming due to numerous complaints from Friends, Romans and Countrymen who wouldn't lend me their ears .  The only part of any of the project allowed to be shown is the formula we agreed on...

Translated means :- Toothache divided by Tony Robinson equals Happy Day's........


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