Saturday, March 04, 2006

An Uber Late One

Whilst having a bit of a late night, I stumbled aimlessly across this little gem!
A childhood Classic!. I can remember getting one of these for christmas one year and attempting to draw a picture on it!, still it is an addictive thing trying to get anything to actually resemble something without having to resort to just scribbling randomly because the stick man that you have drawn has got one foot bigger than the other, one arm thinner and a face you would normally see on Crimewatch UK as a Photo Fit. So after about 10 mins of doodling I knocked up this little number of Michael Jordan basketball icon of the Chicago Bulls...

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At 11:22 PM , Anonymous The Duke said...

That's a right 'Bobby Dazzler' of a link to the online 'etch-a-sketch' mate!..
"Cheap as Chips"
"You know the score Blogging Hunters"....
The Duke.


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