Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Holidays In The Sun

Here's a quick note to keep upto date whilst I'm on holiday.
After leaving Inverness early Saturday morning leaving behind the usual blizzard conditions of spring, the weather on arriving at Sheffield in the afternoon was a decent warm sun. As the day went on the weather changed to rain but didn't really dampen the spirits. Sunday lunchtime the rain had turned to sleet and by the mid afternoon it was snowing and the scenes outside were of christmas card fame.

The evening was spent frequenting the Ale Houses of my old stomping ground of Hoyland where I was greeted with many comments of the like..."I'll bet it's just like being at home up there with all this snow" and "Tha can 'tek this f**kin shitey weather back wi thi' anole!" etc, etc.
I took the photo on Monday from my parents front garden looking over towards Wentworth (with Rotherham and Sheffield on the horizon) after another inclement day of weather, unfortunately the crock of gold had already been taken and I suspect that it is on it's way as I type to Cromarty to be buried in a Pirates Graveyard (next to the Elephants Graveyard!!!). nb. see Old Shredded Wheat head for map etc...

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At 8:57 PM , Anonymous Paul said...

Well i never saw it there today.

At 10:45 AM , Blogger reverberation said...

Did Old Shredded Wheat Heed draw you a treesure map?

At 6:44 PM , Blogger TINGLER said...

The pic reminds of that classic album cover..RAINBOW RISING.
You all know the 1 i mean.
"Up above the streets and houses,rainbow climbing high..."
Ritchie Blackmore must have had some serious L.S.D. when he came up with that 1.

At 6:25 PM , Blogger TheManInTheHat said...

The crap weather's gone. You must be back in Scotland.


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