Thursday, May 18, 2006

BIg Brother = Freakshow = ?

It's that time of the year again when the doors are opened to the biggest freakshow ever, the start of Big Brother.
As I am typing this I know that Pete will be sat eagrly awaiting the start of his favourite programme ever in the whole wide world. As soon as Davina utters her catchphrase "You're live on Channel 4, don't say F**k or Bugger" he will be laid on the floor in a w**kfest stupor with his trolly's round his ankles.
Even though Paul try's to deny this is utter sh*te of a tv show is his 2nd favourite after the bile that is known as Lost or is it Frost? (can't remember) he too will be glued to his tv with a pair of socks at the ready for that climatic moment when the geordie narrator says the words "Day 1 in the Big Brother house and freak 1 is stating how much they can't believe they are in there to freak 2 who is giggling stupidly whilst remarking on how 'weird is this'".

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At 9:13 PM , Blogger Bob Feltcher said...

I agree with you apart from the two socks. It is complete shite but its very much like passing an accident where you don't want to look but cant help it. I also think you protest too much you closet big brother sock wanker.

At 9:16 PM , Blogger reverberation said...

I protest to that statement made that I protest too much and do prefer to "put my socks" in the closet.
I bet you like the rubber and leather theme going on?

At 7:37 PM , Blogger TINGLER said...

I must agree with Steve here guys..B.B. is absolute doggies dingles. CRAP!!
C'mon Peter..get your socks out.
As George Kennedy said to Clint eastwood&co in Thunderbolt&Lightfoot.."Drop your cocks and go for your socks.


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