Wednesday, January 24, 2007

House Husband or Intergalactic Enemy of the Rebellion?

I was just having a look at how many views and ratings the Evel Knievel videos I put on had got and changing a few details on my youtube account and stumbled accross this little beauty of a series involving someone that some of us might know?

Chad Vader?

I'm sure like me it begs the question....

House Husband or Intergalactic Enemy of the Rebellion?

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

All I Want For Christmas Is .....

Q - What was one of your favourite toy's as a child?
A - For me it was an Evel Knievel.

Hours and hours of building jumps and pulling stunts, trying to recreate the famous jumps whilst scraping the skin off my knuckles when my hand slipped off the 'Revver'.
So when my sister-in-law bought me one this christmas the fun can be had all over again! and here's a few videos...

The Break-Away Wall
First Jump
The Hoop Of Fire Wipeout
The Hoop Of Fire
Another Wipeout

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Poormans Ant and Dec?

With the New Year now well and truly upon us I thought it was high time I got round to a bit of 'blogging' so, after a good Christmas and New Year holiday break, news reached me that the internets 'Poorman's Ant & Dec' James and Peter are now 'back in the blogging saddle' and riding their one trick ponies West toward the border of 'Olde Spam Town'.

Yee Haarh!!!

Granted it's been a while since anything of interest has appeared here but I have only the mere excuse of a holiday, a new job and changing my isp and modem etc, etc...
      and not the old "I'm not sure how to re-format my Windows ME" or "I'll do it after I've scratched my arse again" or "I'm waiting for the next Millenium Edition to upgrade" or "Dog Soldier's is on UK Gold 2 tonight" or "I was out all night howling at the moon". C'mon boy's the gauntlet has been thrown down, picked back up and slapped round your face like a mouldy old wet kipper from Skye!

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