Saturday, September 30, 2006

Kasabian Video's

If like Kats's your now starting to get a bit bored of the new Kasabian single "Shoot The Runner" starting up everytime you visit here, (I can't imagine why?, maybe you live on a boat adrift somewhere... about to be boarded by the interweb pirate's like Pete's gang of marauding makeral lickers known on the high seas of Skye as "Pete's Marauding Mackeral Lickers Of" ) you can watch the video and listen to the following songs by typing the title:-
"Club Foot", "Processed Beats", "Reason Is Treason", "L.S.F", "Empire", "Shoot The Runner"

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The View, Photo's

Tonight I've actually sat down and done a bit of work on the website front by resizing the photos I took at The View gig the other night and put them in the live photos section and I was quite surprised on the outcome of the photos because having taken numerous photos of live bands there over the past few years they now seem to have sorted out the lighting problems which makes it all the better for everyone.
I've put 16 of what I consider the best photos on the main website here.

This post will also appear here in the music catagory.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The View are on Fire.

The View, The View , The View Are On Fire!...

The chant from the crowd that must be ringing out in every town and city the length and breadth of Britain as Dundee's finest The View give another explosive set on a mammoth 49 date tour.
Tuesday 26th September the packed sell out Raigmore Motel, Inverness played host to 4 young lads who give their all in every energetic song they played from the likes of "Streetlights" with lyrics stating "There's a big crowd out tonight, look at the Streetlights", through "The Don", "Posh Boys" and "Skag Trendy" culminating with the singles "Wasted Little D.j's" and "Superstar Tradesman" (surely a dig at all those in every bar around the country telling you not to follow your dream but to "get a trade son and you will go far").
I think they have made the right choice in ditching their trade apprenticeships and going for it full on with an attitude of what's to lose? Your only young once! Because that's what the music business is all about.
More photos I took on the night like above will shortly be in the photography section

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy 50th Post ! Watch the New Kasabian Video,

As this is Post Number 50 I thought it could be celebrated with something a bit different.
So as of 2 p.m GMT Tuesday September 19th there should be the 1st showing of the new video for "Shoot The Runner" the new single from top band Kasabian, release date is November 6th.
Video playing until this time is "Empire"

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