Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy 50th Post ! Watch the New Kasabian Video,

As this is Post Number 50 I thought it could be celebrated with something a bit different.
So as of 2 p.m GMT Tuesday September 19th there should be the 1st showing of the new video for "Shoot The Runner" the new single from top band Kasabian, release date is November 6th.
Video playing until this time is "Empire"

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At 8:54 PM , Anonymous Harry The Haddock (from beyond the grave). said...

Happy 50th. Nicer picture of you on the "about me" bit. Might treat the kids at St. Bernie's to the video tomorrow afternoon.

At 9:25 PM , Anonymous Paul said...

Well done on reaching the 50th post Steve. Great site that Harry, makes me feel all dirty.

At 8:13 AM , Blogger kats said...

'bout time you posted again.

Welcome back


At 12:39 PM , Blogger kats said...

well, I've had the music start up several times now - please post something else Steve - or I'm coming into Inverness to Chastise you.

At 10:37 PM , Anonymous Paul said...

Chastise him kats!

At 10:38 PM , Blogger reverberation said...

Does this require a belt?

At 11:23 PM , Anonymous Paul said...

Lets hope so and a plastic bag placed over his head!


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