Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Back Up & Re-Install Pete!

After having to spend the last few weeks archiving the amount of posts I've done over the past year on this blog and numerous commenting on other blogs which there are far too many to name, I decided that a bit of a tidy up was a necessity.   So, with quick swill of Mother's Ruin...(Every computer buff's favourite tipple and the housewives choice) I managed to get the old Archive into shape...
(see photo) I gave everybody an e-mail to discuss how we could overcome this build up of posting, commenting and archiving etc in the future and was literally taken aback with the overwhelming response that I received. To be honest I found that many of us Normal Bogger's found that we tended to accumulate a fair few amount of posts, comments and links etc...

Except for 1 Person...
"The Undesputed King of the" Blog.
He sent me a photo of the Archives for his blog, posts, comments etc...
(see photo)
Mmmm.... Have you Backed up and Re-Installed yet?

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At 4:11 PM , Anonymous Paul said...

Peter who?

At 8:59 PM , Blogger reverberation said...

Peter MacFonzie, swashbuckling hero blogger of olde Portree town, of course!


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