Friday, October 13, 2006

Posting?, This Games Easy Man!

With Paul forging on ahead with his new look all singing and all dancing blog, I thought I'd better keep up with the pace. So with Peter's blog being taken over by Internet Pirates who are holding his blogger login password to ransom to the tune of an old bent rusty nail and the sole of a slipper that must be smooth and ready for writing on with a biro and all James seems to be interested in at the moment is adding to his collection of high cost dialers by accidentally stumbling unwittingly onto it , honestly!. With Simon I'm not sure if this lapse in blogging is due to constantly striving to be in two places at once without the use of a teleporter like the Time Machine that Paul built that now lines the loft floor.
Anyway I've filled this post now like everybody else does when they can't think of anymore words.



At 12:30 AM , Anonymous Paul said...

I don't know how she puts up with you!

At 12:05 AM , Blogger reverberation said...

Might be the 'Dog Soldier' in me?


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