Monday, October 09, 2006

My Latest Toy

With my contract ready for renewal with 3, I decided to jump ship and become a dolphin with Orange. And after a bit of deliberation on which new handset to take, I've veered away from nokia for the 1st time in years.
For the last 18 months I have been using the nokia 6680 and it's a great phone but I thought it was time for a change and I opted for the LG KG800 also known as the LG Chocolate.

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At 11:42 PM , Anonymous Paul said...

Just curious if you received a free loaf of bread with this phone?

At 12:01 AM , Blogger reverberation said...

Not just a free loaf of bread, but also a pair of boxer shorts on the end of a stick!
I don't know how she's puts up with him for so long!

At 12:06 AM , Anonymous Paul said...

Just in case the bread does not clean the excrement encrusted plate you can use a lightly fermented pair of pants to get the last dangle berry of flavor into your blow hole?

At 12:10 AM , Blogger reverberation said...

mmmm... Marmite...
You either love it or hate it!

At 12:19 AM , Anonymous Paul said...

So true!


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